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Tracking Blaine Higgs's Campaign Promises

The Higgs Polimetre team extracted the 174 promises from the Progressive Conservative Party platform during the 2018 provincial elections with the objective of tracking their progress. In order to arrive at this figure, the team more specifically analyzed: (i) the platform (“Real experience. Real results.”); (ii) the numbered election commitments submitted to Elections NB; and (iii) the press releases issued by the party during the campaign. You can access the Progressive Conservative Party platform by clicking here. The Polimetre Higgs is the first Polimetre that compiles electoral promises outside Quebec. In Quebec, the Polimetre Legault follows the Polimetres Marois and Couillard, while in Canada, the Polimetre Trudeau succeeds the Harper Polimetre. You will find the results of the elections held on September 24th, 2018 in New Brunswick at the end of this presentation on the Polimetre Higgs. Each promise is labelled as “not yet rated”, “kept in part or in the work ... Click here to read more

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