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Tracking Stephen Harper's Campaign Promises

Final update of the Harper polimeter

The Trudeau government's election in October 2015 means that the Harper polimeter came to an end and must be archived.

Harper polimeter compiled and tracked 140 election promises found in the Conservative Party of Canada’s platform for the federal elections of 2011. Click here to access the Conservative Party of Canada’s 2011 platform. After evaluation, we conclude that 119 of the 140 promises are fulfilled in whole or in part which yields a pledge fulfillment rate of 85%.

This last update of our verdicts for Harper polimeter change according to the latest changes in government policies. This final update also eliminates several promises "not yet rated" which become ipso facto "broken" promises. The elimination of all verdicts in the category "promises not yet rated" is necessitated by the dissolution of Parliament which brings us to set the polimeter counter to zero so to speak.

Resetting the counter to zero also means that the verdict of promises related to the renewal of the Health Accord, Senate reform and purchasing F35 aircraft must change from the category "kept in part" or "not yet rated" to the "broken promises" category.

The Polimeter team

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