Promise details

"Fill Senate vacancies with individuals who support our Senate reform goals, including our goal of an elected Senate."

Polimètre Harper
Promise broken

“On the final stop of his northern tour, he was asked whether the positions will be filled. "I have no immediate plans to do so," he said Friday. "Obviously we'll keep an eye on whether the legislation, passed by the elected House is able to keep moving. As long as it is, I have no immediate plans to do so."” (Source 1)

“Mr. Harper — who has asked the Supreme Court of Canada to rule on Senate reform processes, and even possible abolishment — said in the summer he was in no hurry to fill Senate vacancies.” (Source 2)

“Under fire over his Senate appointees who face possible RCMP investigation for their expenses, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he has “no immediate plans” to fill five current vacancies in the Red Chamber.” (Source 3)


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