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10.04 - "We will continue to move forward to advance the priorities identified by First Nations, by: […]  working with First Nations communities to ensure Indigenous control over the development and delivery of services."

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Promise kept in part or in the works


Bien que le soutien fédéral aux peuples autochtones pour lutter contre la COVID 19 arrivent tardivement et ne sont pas suffisant pour répondre aux besoins selon les autochtones, le gouvernement laisse les organisations autochtones déterminer la distributions et l'utilisation de ces fonds. Comme la promesse porte sur le contrôle autochtone et non pas sur le niveau de financement, nous jugeons que cette promesse est en voie de réalisation.

Although federal support for Indigenous peoples to fight COVID 19 is late and not sufficient to meet the needs of Indigenous people, the government leaves it to Indigenous organizations to determine the distribution and use of these funds. Since the promise is about aboriginal control and not about the level of funding, we believe that promise is being fulfilled.


2020-03-27 - "After the federal government announced a stimulus package of $300-million for “the immediate needs” of Inuit, Métis and First Nations communities, Chief Marie-Anne Day Walker-Pelletier of the Okanese First Nation Treaty 4 recently remarked: “Now we understand this is a good thing, but it’s only going to start in May. So what about the next four to six weeks, what do we do?” - Indigenous communities and COVID-19: The virus may not discriminate, but responses to it do, The Globe and Mail

2020-03-12 - « Ces nouveaux fonds seront versés directement aux communautés et aux groupes autochtones de tout le pays et offriront aux dirigeants autochtones la souplesse dont ils ont besoin pour répondre aux besoins immédiats de leur communauté alors qu'elles se préparent et réagissent à la propagation de la COVID-19. » - Répondre aux besoins urgents liés à la COVID-19 dans les communautés autochtones, communiqué de presse, Services aux Autochtones Canada. 

2020-03-12 - "These new funds will flow directly to Indigenous communities and groups across the country and will provide Indigenous leadership with the flexibility needed to address the immediate needs in their communities as they prepare for and react to the spread of COVID-19." - Addressing urgent needs in Indigenous communities related to COVID-19, Press Release, Indegenous Services Canada.


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