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EU Directive on Whistleblowing
16 Dec 2019 - Present

In 2019 the European Union adopted a far-reaching Directive on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law.

The ‘EU Directive on Whistleblowing’ entered into force on the 16th of December 2019 and each of the 27 EU Member States have until the 17th of December 2021 to transpose its provisions into their national legal and institutional systems.

The EU Whistleblowing Meter was created by the Whistleblowing International Network to track the progress of transposition across all 27 Member States.

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The Netherlands - Transposition of the EU Directive on Whistleblowing

In progress

A draft Bill to implement the EU Directive on Whistleblowing has recently been submitted for advice to the Advisory Division of the Council of State. After receipt and processing of that advice, the Bill will be submitted to the Lower House as soon as possible.

In progress

The Dutch government have published all responses received to public consultation on the draft Bill to implement the EU Directive into national law.

In progress

Public consulation has been launched in The Netherlands on draft law to implement EU Directive on Whistleblowing is to be held between the 31-07-2020 and 10-09-2020.

In progress

It is expected that the Dutch Bill to implement the Whistleblower Directive will be brought up for consultation in July 2020. As the Whistleblower Authority Act will be evaluated in this period as well, possibly the same legal process will be utilized for this according to the footnote on P.10 of Transparency International Nederland (TI-NL) report on ‘Whistleblowing Frameworks 2019: Assessing Companies in Trade, Industry, Finance and Energy in The Netherlands’

In progress
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