Prime Minister
Liberal Party of Canada
1904 days in office
42nd Parliament of Canada
03 Dec 2015 - 11 Sep 2019
43rd Parliament of Canada
05 Dec 2019 - Present

The 2019 Canadian federal election (formally the 43rd Canadian general election) was held on October 21, 2019 to elect members of the House of Commons to the 43rd Canadian Parliament.

The Liberal Party, led by incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, won 157 seats to form a minority government. The Liberals lost the majority government they had secured in the previous federal election in 2015. They also lost the popular vote to the Conservatives, which marks only the second time in Canadian history that a governing party formed a government while receiving less than 35 per cent of the national popular vote.

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2.03.01 - [W]e will make sure every Canadian business has access to reliable, high-speed internet by 2030, including in rural, remote, and northern communities

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