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11.02 - « Introduire une stratégie de gestion pour la population en expansion du dindon sauvage. »

Higgs polimetre
Promesse en voie de réalisation ou partiellement réalisée


2020-08 - La première chasse au dindon sauvage était prévue pour mai 2020, mais elle a été repoussée à l'année suivante.

2020-08 - The first wild turkey hunt was set for May 2020 but had been pushed back until next year. 


2020-05-14 - "COVID-19 has put New Brunswick's first-ever wild turkey hunt on hold for a year. The turkey hunt was supposed to start this week — with opening day Monday. But the two week season ended up being pushed back until May 2021." - Province's first turkey hunt pushed back to 2021 - CBC

2020-03-07 - "New Brunswick hunters will be able to shoot wild turkeys this year for the first time, Natural Resources Minister Mike Holland says." - Province's first turkey hunt set for May - CBC


2018-11-18 - "While it's still in the early stages, Holland said he expects to have department officials working on the subject within a month. ...He said he wants to ensure all interest groups that would be affected by or benefit from a wild turkey management program are involved in the development of the plan." - New resource development minister sets sights on turkey hunt - CBC

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