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12.24 - « Recruter davantage d’infirmières et d’infirmiers »

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Promesse en voie de réalisation ou partiellement réalisée


2020-08 - La promesse est partiellement réalisée puisque le gouvernement a établi une stratégie en matière de ressources humaines infirmières.
2020-08 - The promise is partially fulfilled as the government has created a nursing resource strategy. 


2019-08-08 - "Health Minister Ted Flemming denies New Brunswick has no openings for full-time nurses but says graduates aren't willing to work in rural areas, where many of the jobs are. "It's not that there are no jobs … there may be a particular expectation as to location," said Flemming in an interview with Information Morning Fredericton. "Many people who take their education in Fredericton or Moncton, they want to stay in that city as opposed to [going] elsewhere."  Flemming said the Vitalité and Horizon health networks are trying to recruit nurses for 140 full-time positions, but updated figures from the Department of Health later put the number at 228.  Some of those positions are in rural areas, he said." - Nursing graduates not willing to work in rural areas, health minister says - CBC

2019-08-06 - "The New Brunswick government says the province is in desperate need of nurses, but registered nurses who've left the province say they were forced to move to find stable employment." - Not enough full-time nursing jobs, say RNs who left province to find work - CBC

2019-07-30 - « Le gouvernement provincial a rendu publique une stratégie en matière de ressources infirmières axée sur le recrutement, le maintien en poste du personnel, la promotion de la profession infirmière, ainsi que l’amélioration de la formation en sciences infirmières, de l’emploi et de la conciliation travail-vie personnelle. » - Lancement de la stratégie en matière de ressources infirmières - Gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick

2019-07-30 - "The provincial government has released a nursing resource strategy focused on recruitment, retention, promotion of the nursing profession, and enhancing nursing education and employment and work-life balance." - Nursing resource strategy released - Government of New Brunswick

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