Détails d'une promesse

"Continue to stand up for Canadian farmers and industries, by defending supply management in all international forums and bilateral negotiations."

Polimètre Harper
Promesse réalisée

“Our government will continue to defend and promote our specific interests in every sector of our economy, including supply management.” (Source 1)

“Canada, on the other hand, is protecting its supply management system for poultry, eggs and dairy products, which implies, among other things, controlling market access and applying over-quota tariffs. Canada is also seeking strong commitments in relation to export subsidies as these subsidies can drive down the price of commodities.” (Source 2)

“Canada’s supply management system provides Canadians with a consistent supply of high-quality dairy, egg and poultry products at reasonable prices. This system supports farmers on around 17,000 Canadian farms. CETA will not affect Canada’s supply management system, which will remain as robust as ever.” (Source 3)

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