Détails d'une promesse

To help regional and local partners prevent the spread of terrorism and radicalization, we will vastly increase the scope of training assistance missions.

Trudeau polimetre - 2015
Promesse en voie de réalisation ou partiellement réalisée

Real Change: A New Plan For a Strong Middle Class (page 71)


September 2019 - This promise is rated as fulfilled in part. There is evidence to show that Canada is engaged nationally and internationally in counterterrorism cooperation, notably through Global Counter Terrorism Forum as well as training in counter terrorism through the military's role in the Middle East. However, this promise includes the criteria of vastly increasing the scope of training assistance missions, which would led one to expect to find evidence of higher levels of engagement and investment. The financial data is aggregated such that the amounts dedicated to counterterrorism training assistance are not identified. Based on information about actual missions, we cannot assert that the scope of training assistance was vastly increased.


April 29, 2019 - "Canada's international counter-terrorism efforts are also delivered through Global Affairs Canada's Counter-Terrorism Capacity Building Program (CTCBP) and allows Canada to support security and intelligence agencies in partner countries around the world with training and equipment. In 2018, among of the many projects to which Canada contributed, two particularly interesting projects should be highlighted: (1) Enhancing the Jordanian capacity to respond to security incidents; and (2) supporting a counter-terrorism capacity-building project for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region." - 2018 Public Report on the Terrorism Threat to Canada - National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces

December 11, 2018Launch of National Strategy on Countering Radicalization to Violence and Update on Terrorist Threat to Canada: Terrorism threat level unchanged - Public Safety Canada

December 21, 20172017 Public Report on the Terrorist Threat to Canada - Public Safety Canada

December 12, 2017 - Security capacity-building programs - Government of Canada

"Co-chaired by Algeria and Canada, the Capacity-building in the West Africa Region Working Group promotes regional and international cooperation and provides a venue for experts to discuss capacity-building gaps specific to the West Africa region and identifying solutions. The current areas of focus of the Capacity-building in the West Africa Region Working Group are: (i) Countering Terrorist Financing; (ii) Returning FTFs and/or Returning Families of FTFs; (iii) Strengthening Border Security; (iv) Police Cooperation; (v) Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism National Action Plans (P/CVE NAPs); (vi) The Integration of Gender Perspectives in CT Responses; (vii) Legislative Frameworks." - Capacity-building in the West Africa Region Working Group - Global Counterterrorism Forum

"Launched in 2011, the GCTF is an informal, a-political, multilateral counterterrorism (CT) platform that has strengthened the international architecture for addressing 21st century terrorism. Central to the Forum’s overarching mission is the promotion of a strategic, long-term approach to counter terrorism and the violent extremist ideologies that underpin it. The GCTF develops Good Practices and tools for policy-makers and practitioners to strengthen CT civilian capabilities, national strategies, action plans and training modules. " - Background and Mission - Global CounterTerrorism Forum

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