Détails d'une promesse

(While increasing the scope of training assistance missions), we will support programs that admit and train partner country military students to bolster these partnerships (with regional and local partners).

Trudeau polimetre - 2015
Promesse en voie de réalisation ou partiellement réalisée

Real Change: A New Plan For a Strong Middle Class (page 71)


September 2019 - This pledge remains fulfilled in part since the context of the pledge requires an increase in the scope of training assistance missions as well as support for training programs with partner country military students. Canada did make a "smart pledge" to provide a Canadian Training and Advisory Team to work with a Troop Contributing country(ies) in peace missions and did open a new training centre for peace support missions. The most recent available department results report indicates that progress toward achieving goals in this area was slower than expected. The Departmental Results Report for 2018-2019 is not yet available. Furthermore, information about partner country military students is not easily available. By prudence, we leave this pledge as partially fulfilled.


November 20, 2018 - "The new Peace Support Training Centre located at Canadian Forces Base in Kingston opened in November 2017 and has started to prepare CAF members and allied personnel for peace support operations."  "We provided capacity-building training to 3000 Ukrainian soldiers through Operation
UNIFIER" However "Training, education, and healthcare modernization are all progressing slower than anticipated due to lower investment levels than anticipated."  "In FY 2017-18, the Military Training and Cooperation Program (MTCP) undertook approximately 100 cooperative training and military professional development projects in Canada and abroad, including courses, exercises, and expert visits. Through the MTCP, approximately 1450 sponsored foreign participants, nominated by the ministries of defence of 56 developing non-NATO member countries,were trained via these activities." - Departmental Results Report 2017-2018 - National Defence Canada

November 16, 2017 - "The Military Training & Cooperation Program (MTCP) is a broad-based defence diplomacy program that advances Canada’s contribution to international peace and security. Established in 1963, the MTCP is administered by the Directorate of Military Training and Cooperation (DMTC). The Program uses military training and capacity building in the area of peace support operations to develop and strengthen bilateral defence relations with countries of strategic interest to Canada. MTCP activities are designed to meet Canada’s foreign and defence policy objectives while raising is national profile on the world stage." - Military Training Cooperation Program - National Defence

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