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We will join with provincial and territorial governments to buy drugs in bulk, reducing the cost Canadian governments pay for these drugs, and making them more affordable for Canadians.

Trudeau polimetre - 2015
Promesse en voie de réalisation ou partiellement réalisée

Real Change: A New Plan For a Strong Middle Class (page 9)


That promise will remain in part fulfilled. Some provinces have expressed their disagreement with this program.


July 30, 2019 - « Canada’s two most populous provinces, Ontario and Quebec, have privately expressed concerns with a federal government plan to slash the price of patented drugs, arguing that such regulatory changes could hurt investment in life sciences. » - Ontario and Quebec argued against federal plan to reduce drug prices, documents show - Global News (Reuters journalists)

March 19, 2019 - "The Government proposes to work with provinces, territories and stakeholders to establish a national strategy for high-cost drugs for rare diseases. Budget 2019 proposes to invest up to $1 billion over two years, starting in 2022–23, with up to $500 million per year ongoing, to help Canadians with rare diseases access the drugs they need." - Investing in the Middle Class, Budget 2019-2020, p.62 - Government of Canada

February 27, 2018 - "In addition, the Government is collaborating with the provinces and territories in the panCanadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA). The Alliance negotiates on behalf of Canada’s public drug plans to lower prices on brand name drugs and works to reduce the cost of generic medications as well. The pCPA's efforts to date have led to over $1.2 billion a year in savings for Canadians" - Equality Growth - A Strong Middle Class, Budget 2018-2019, p.174 - Government of Canada

January 17, 2016 - "The federal government is set to join the provinces in lowering the cost of prescription drugs by co-ordinating their purchases, a move that could signal a new era of co-operation between Ottawa and provincial leaders. The collaboration is expected to come as early as this week when Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott joins her provincial and territorial counterparts for a meeting in Vancouver. The meeting is the first in what will be a critical year as Ottawa works to hammer out a new deal on health that will set national standards and deliver the stable funding promised by the Liberals during the election." - Ottawa seeks to join provinces to cut cost of drugs - The Globe and Mail

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