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We will amend the Canada Labour Code to provide every federally regulated worker with the legal right to make a formal request to their employer – without fear of reprisal – for more flexible working conditions, such as flexible start and finish times.

Trudeau polimetre - 2015
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Real Change: A New Plan For a Strong Middle Class (page 19)


February 12, 2018 - "The changes made by Bill C-63 enhance the rights of federally regulated employees and provide them with greater flexibility in the workplace with respect to scheduling, hours of work and overtime as well as additional job-protected leaves of absence. In this communique, we will provide an overview of these changes." - Federal Employer Update: An Overview of Recent Changes to the Canada Labour Code - Miller Thomson Lawyers

December 14, 2017 - "Division 8 of Part 5 amends the Canada Labour Code in order to, among other things, (a) provide employees with a right to request flexible work arrangements from their employers; (b) provide employees with a family responsibility leave for a maximum of three days, a leave for victims of family violence for a maximum of ten days and a leave for traditional Aboriginal practices for a maximum of five days; and (c) modify certain provisions related to work schedules, overtime, annual vacation, general holidays and bereavement leave, in order to provide greater flexibility in work arrangements. Division 9 of Part 5 amends the Economic Action Plan 2015 Act, No. 1 to repeal the paragraph 167(1.‍2)‍(b) of the Canada Labour Code that it enacts, and to amend the related regulation-making provisions accordingly." - Bill C-63 - A second Act to implement certain provisions of the budget tabled in Parliament on March 22, 2017 and other measures (Given Royal Assent)

April 12, 2017Flexible Work Arrangements What Was Heard - Government of Canada

March 29, 2017 - “Propose amendments to the Canada Labour Code to allow workers to formally request flexible work arrangements. The Program will continue its work to support implementation of a right to request flexible work arrangements and other measures under the Canada Labour Code to allow more flexibility for those who work in the federally regulated private sector.” - ESDC 2017-2018 Departmental Plan - Government of Canada

February 09, 2017 - “Minister Mihychuk would like to thank all those who participated in the flex work consultations. Their voices have been heard and will provide a strong foundation for developing evidence-based policy that will help Canadians better balance the demands of paid work and their family and other personal responsibilities outside of work." - Report on consultation on  flexible work arrangements - Government of Canada

September 22, 2016 - "Canadians have had their say in the Government of Canada’s consultations on flexible work arrangements. The Government is firmly committed to supporting our middle class and those working hard to join it‑and that includes the many Canadian families increasingly struggling to balance work and family." - Productive consultations on flexible work arrangements - Employment and Social Development Canada


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