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We will accelerate and expand open data initiatives, and will make government data available digitally, so that Canadians can easily access and use it.

Trudeau polimetre - 2015
Promesse réalisée

Real Change: A New Plan For a Strong Middle Class (page 25)


December 31, 2018 - "The 2018-20 National Action Plan on Open Government complements and supports our international activities. It outlines how we’ll improve financial transparency, upgrade our digital services, and keep making government more open for Canadians." - Canada’s 2018-2020 National Action Plan on Open Government - Government of Canada

February 27, 2018 - "To modernize/enhance the Government’s digital services, Budget 2018 proposes significant investments in Shared Services Canada and the Communications Security Establishment to ensure that these organizations are properly resourced to address evolving IT needs and opportunities, and proactively address cyber security threats. This includes: • $2.2 billion over six years, starting in 2018–19, with $349.8 million per year thereafter, to improve the management and provision of IT services and infrastructure within the Government of Canada, and to support related cyber security measures. • $110 million over six years, starting in 2018–19, to be accessed by Shared Services Canada’s partner departments and agencies to help them migrate their applications from older data centres into more secure modern data centres or cloud solutions." - Equality Growth - A Strong Middle Class, Budget 2018-2019, p.208 - Government of Canada

September 20, 2016 - "The Honourable Judy M. Foote, Minister of Public Services and Procurement, announced today that Shared Services Canada (SSC) is launching a consultation to seek feedback from Canadians, federal public servants, client departments and industry on its IT Transformation Plan. The plan is a roadmap to modernize the Government of Canada’s IT infrastructure and the way it delivers services to departments and agencies, including for email, data centres, networks and workplace technology services. Along with other initiatives currently taking place across government to improve the use and management of IT, this consultation will inform the next edition of the IT Transformation Plan." - Shared Services Canada launches consultations on IT Transformation Plan to modernize IT services - Shared Services Canada

March 22, 2016 - "The Government is committed to accelerating and expanding open data initiatives and to better involving Canadians in policy-making. Budget 2016 proposes to provide $11.5 million over five years to double the Treasury Board Secretariat’s budget for open government activities." - Growing The Middle Class, Budget 2016-2017, p.209 - Government of Canada

February 07, 2016 - "This report presents findings from a nine-week online and in-person consultation exercise for Shared Services Canada (SSC). The purpose of undertaking this exercise was to acquire input from varying stakeholder groups to inform SSC’s Information Technology and Infrastructure Plan and 2016-2017 update." Summer-Fall 2016 Consultations: Information Technology Transformation Plan – What We Heard Final Report - Shared Services Canada

"Building the Government of Canada’s Digital Platform provides an overview of Shared Services Canada’s (SSC) plan for continuing the modernization of the Government of Canada’s information technology (IT) infrastructure. This includes the email, data centres, telecommunications, network and IT security services that underpin federal operations and support the delivery of government services to Canadians." - Building the Governmetn of Canada's Digital Platform, A consultation to update Shared Services Canada’s Information Technology Transformation Plan - Shared Services Canadan

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