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We will add the costing of party platforms to the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s mandate. Starting with the next election, Canadians will have a credible, non-partisan way to compare each party’s fiscal plans.

Trudeau polimetre - 2015
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Real Change: A New Plan For a Strong Middle Class (page 31)


October 27, 2016 - Parliament needs access to information, resources and expertise so that it can best serve Canadians, more fully consider the financial and economic implications of the matters before it, and truly hold the government to account. To enhance that access, the government will introduce new legislation to establish the Parliamentary Budget Officer as an independent Officer of Parliament, separate from the Library of Parliament. With these changes, the Parliamentary Budget Officer will serve Parliament with a renewed mandate to focus on costing and financial analysis of the federal government." - A Plan for Middle Class Progress : Fall Economic Statement - Government of Canada

Janyary 28, 2016 - "Some changes require legislative provisions, such as proposing amendments to the Parliament of Canada Act in order to make the Parliamentary Budget Officer an independent officer of Parliament. […] We want to ensure that all agents of Parliament and officers of Parliament are properly funded and accountable only to Parliament. We would be prepared, at the appropriate time, to increase resources available to Parliament for these officers if they have identified certain gaps in their capacity to hold the government to account or to serve members of Parliament." - Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs

"The Liberal Party of Canada’s 2015 election platform committed to making the PBO “truly independent of the government” and “accountable only – and directly – to Parliament”. The platform also committed to expand the PBO’s mandate to include “the costing of party election platforms”. These changes were included in the Budget Implementation Act, 2017, No. 1 and came into force in September 2017." - Office of The Parliamentary Budget Officer

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