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We will adopt a new government-wide appointment process that is open and based on merit.

Trudeau polimetre - 2015
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Real Change: A New Plan For a Strong Middle Class (page 34)


August 14, 2019 - "These appointments were made under the Government of Canada's new approach to Governor in Council appointments. This approach supports open, transparent and merit-based selection processes that strive for gender parity and reflect Canada's diversity, to support Ministers in making appointment recommendations for positions within their portfolio by providing them with information and referrals." - Government of Canada announces appointments to the Canadian Accessibility Standards Development Organization - Employment and Social Development Canada, CISION

August 01, 2018 - "The Government is committed to open and transparent processes for selecting Governor in Council appointees, to encourage continued trust in Canada’s democracy and ensure the integrity of its public institutions. These open, transparent, and merit-based selection processes reflect the fundamental role that Governor in Council appointees play in our democracy as they serve on commissions, boards, Crown corporations, agencies, and tribunals across the country." - Governor in Council appointments - Government of Canada

May 17, 2018 - "We know that our country is stronger - and our government more effective - when decision-makers reflect Canada’s diversity. The Government of Canada has implemented an appointment process that is transparent and merit-based, strives for gender parity, and seeks to ensure that Indigenous peoples and minority groups are properly represented in positions of leadership. We continue to search for Canadians who reflect the values that we all embrace: inclusion, honesty, fiscal prudence, and generosity of spirit. Together, we will build a government as diverse as Canada.....The Government of Canada is currently seeking applications from diverse and talented Canadians from across the country who are interested in the following appointment opportunities: " - Appointment opportunities - Government of Canada

December 12, 2017 - "Developed a new, more rigorous approach to Governor-in-Council appointments that established more open, transparent and merit-based processes to support ministers in making appointments within their portfolios." - 2015-2016 Departmental Performance Report (DPR) - Privy Council Office

February 25, 2016 - "The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced the new approach – one where an open, transparent, and merit-based selection process will support Ministers in making appointment recommendations for positions within their portfolio." - Prime Minister announces new Governor in Council appointment process - Prime Minister Website

February 25, 2016 - "In the past the appointments were made behind closed doors, at the discretion of the minister or prime minister. […] The new process will see a number of changes to how these appointments are made" - Trudeau's 'new approach' to government appointments begins - CBC News

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