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Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario
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Ontario's 42nd Parliament
07 Jun 2018 - 03 May 2022
Ontario's 43rd Parliament
24 Jun 2022 - Present

The 2022 Ontario general election was held on June 2, 2022 to elect the 124 members of the 43rd Parliament of Ontario. The Progressive Conservative (PC) Party of Ontario, led by Doug Ford, won a majority government with 83 of the 124 seats in the legislature. The incumbent party, they increased their seat share from 76 in the 2018 election. They campaigned on a slogan to “get it done,” pledging to build highways and transit infrastructure and open up the “Ring of Fire,” a mineral-rich area in northern Ontario. Instead of an election platform, the Ontario PC Party presented its promises on its website in the form of press releases throughout the campaign.

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Promise History

1.03.18 - “Cut income taxes by 20% for the second income-tax bracket, saving you up to $786 a year”

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Premier Doug Ford promised to cut taxes by 20% for the second income-tax bracket, which would alter its corresponding marginal tax rate from 9.15% to 7.32%. However, the tax rate for this income bracket remains at 9.15%. Given that the Ontario government has not yet acted on this promise, this promise remains not yet rated.

[Ed. Note: See table in “Data Explorer” section, under column “2019” and “2020” in row 10: 9.15%]


Published: Nov 2020
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“With a rate of 7.32 per cent, as promised by Ford, that same worker would pay $2,380, saving $185 per year — the equivalent of a 7.7 per cent cut.”

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