New Brunswick
In office
Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick
2,035 days in office
59th legislature of New Brunswick
09 Nov 2018 - 17 Aug 2020
60th legislature of New Brunswick
29 Sep 2020 - Present

The 2020 New Brunswick general election was held on September 14 to elect the 49 members of the 60th Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick.

The Progressive Conservative Party, led by incumbent Premier Blaine Higgs, won 27 seats, forming a majority government. Higgs was head of a minority government since the 2018 elections.

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Promise History

2.12.11 - “[A]dditional capacity will also be added across other sites in the province to enable more orthopedic surgeries.”

In progress

Nous considérons cette promesse comme étant en voie d’être réalisée puisque le réseau de santé Horizon a effectivement des plans prévus pour l’augmention de la capacité de chirurgies orthopédiques dans divers hôpitaux de la province. La construction de ces nouvelles unités est prévue au plus tôt pour le printemps 2023.

The Horizon Health Network does have plans to increase orthopedic surgery capacity at various hospitals across the province. The earliest that these new units will be built is the spring of 2023.

In progress

“The official opening of the new facilities of the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont UHC took place today via streaming video on the Network’s website and Facebook page. […] More specifically, the new space includes 10 operating rooms, a recovery room, a day surgery and short surgical stay centre, medical and surgical intensive care, the sterilization department, the physiotherapy and occupational therapy sectors and a future receiving area.”

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