New Brunswick
In office
Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick
1,444 days in office
59th legislature of New Brunswick
09 Nov 2018 - 17 Aug 2020
60th legislature of New Brunswick
29 Sep 2020 - Present

The 2020 New Brunswick general election was held on September 14 to elect the 49 members of the 60th Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick.

The Progressive Conservative Party, led by incumbent Premier Blaine Higgs, won 27 seats, forming a majority government. Higgs was head of a minority government since the 2018 elections.

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Promise History

2.12.21 - “[We] will maintain [the] spring [2020] budget commitment to increase healthcare spending by 3.9% to $2.9 billion[.]”


“This year’s $3.07-billion budget is a $150.4-million increase from 2020-21”


“What were the key areas of spending? $3.3 Billion […] Health”

In progress

The verdict will be reviewed following the release of the audited financial statements for the 2020-2021 fiscal year. If the financial statements indicate that the Department of Health has spent equivalent to or more than originally projected in the 2020-2021 budget, the pledge will be deemed fulfilled.

[Ed. note: See section “Department of Health”, table “Ordinary Account”, under columns “2020-2021 estimate” and “2020-2021 revised”, row “Total - Gross Ordinary”: 2,920,538 (In thousands of dollars) and 3,023,687 (In thousands of dollars)]

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“Due to the pressure our health care system is under, we will be allocating more than $2.9 billion this year, a 3.9 per cent increase over the 2019–2020 budgeted amount, which is double the rate of inflation expected for New Brunswick and the largest increase in the health care budget in a decade.”

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