In office
Coalition avenir Québec
2,001 days in office
42nd Legislature of Quebec
03 Dec 2018 - 28 Aug 2022
43rd Legislature of Quebec
20 Oct 2022 - Present

The 2022 Quebec general election held on October 3, 2022 resulted in a second decisive victory for the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), led by François Legault. The CAQ won 90 of the 125 seats in the National Assembly, 16 more than in 2018, with 40.98% of the popular vote.

For more details on the Legault government’s first mandate, we invite you to consult the Legault Polimeter I and the following book: Bilan du gouvernement de la CAQ : Entre nationalisme et pandémie (2022).

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Promise History

2.11.25 - “A re-elected CAQ government promises that] [t]he Quebec National Trail, which runs from Gatineau to Gaspé, will be […] improved. The development and maintenance of this trail will allow a greater number of Quebecers to enjoy more than 1,650 kilometers of trails in natural environments dedicated to hiking, snowshoeing and Nordic skiing”

In progress

« 100 nouveaux kilomètres de sentiers vont s’ajouter au Sentier national du Québec, dont certains reliant Stoneham à Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré. // Un investissement de 2,7 millions de dollars permettra la réfection de près de 500 kilomètres du Sentier national au Québec, en plus d’allonger les sentiers initiaux d’une centaine de kilomètres.  »

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“The government is allocating $409.9 million to meet the needs of sports and recreational infrastructure, in order to ensure that the population has better access to quality and safe facilities. This amount is devoted to the Financial Assistance Program for Recreational and Sports Infrastructure of the Fonds pour le développement du sport et de l’activité physique, including $109.9 million to finalize the financing of projects already announced and $300.0 million to finance the development of new projects // These investments will allow for the realization of various projects for the construction, development, renovation, upgrading, expansion or redevelopment of recreational and sports facilities, as well as trails and sites for outdoor activities”

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